Jane Bell


Jane Bell
b. 29 May 1818
St Jas Clerkenwell, Middlesex
1st m. Fisher

2nd m. Sep 1845 Clerkenwell to
George Howarth
d. 1849
  John Fisher
b. 1833
  Jane Howarth
b. 1849 St Jas Clerkenwell, Middlesex

Jane Bell Christening: 11 Nov 1818 Saint Luke Old Street, Finsbury, London, England

Note: The death record for George Howarth is not confirmed that it is the correct person but he is the only John Howarth to die in Clerkenwell in the correct period. He was dead before the 1851 census.

John Fisher is on the census records in 1851 and 1861 living with his Grandmother Sarah Bell and Jane Howarth at 10 Owens Row London. At this stage am assuming that he is Jane Bell's son, he is too old to be Elizabeth Bell's son.










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