Henry Coates Inquest

William Waddell's Coroner's Book

In the town of Clones, an inquest was held on view of the body of Henry Cotes on 27 February 1875. John Cole deposed that deceased was an old man of 85 years of age. For the past two years he was attended occasionally be Dr. Henry for bronchial disease and disease of the heart. In the course of last summer, the decease purposed making a visit to some friends in County Down - previous to which I consulted Dr. Henry who strongly advised against it as from his state of health he might drop off without a moments warning. He did not go and has been attended by Dr. Henry and every attention has been given him.

On Thursday 25th he took his breakfast well as usual. On going up to his bedroom in the course of the day - seeing a great change in him. I sent up for Dr. Henry who was soon with him and who at once pronounced life extinct. Dr. A. Henry deposed that on 25th I was called on to see deceased and attended promptly but on seeing him pronounced him dead, but warm. From appearances of the body and evidence now adduced, I consider his death arose from heart disease. Dr. Richard Henry deposed he had been in attendance about 1 year since and of late occasionally for bronchitis with disease of the heart and considers his death the result of heart disease. The verdict was death of deceased on 25 February 1875 from heart disease.


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