Margaret Ann Coates


Title :


Date of Death :

3 May 1914

Surname :


Date of Grant :

5 January 1926

Forename :

Margaret Anne

Reseal Date :

Registry :


Effects :

Effects £398 16s 0d


Full Abstract :

Coates Margaret Anne of The Strand Portaferry county Down spinster died 3 May 1914 at Palmerston House Asylum Dublin Administration Belfast 5 January to Isaac Honiton gentleman. Effects £398 16s.

 Margaret Ann Coates nephew  Henry Honiton Cole Coates changed his name to Issac Honition in 1922 - this is either the person on Margaret Ann Coates will or the person he changed his name for.

Margaret Ann Coates looked after Lizzie McBurney nee Coates daughters


Palmerstown House was sold on behalf of Richard John, Earl of Donoughmore, to Charles J. Ward, of Clopton House in Warwickshire. Ward disposed of the house shortly afterwards. It was occupied from 1862 to 1870 by William Cherry. After a two year vacancy, the premises became the Stewart Institution for Lunatics. Dr. Henry Hutchinson Stewart was particularly interested in the care of mentally handicapped children, and carried out important pioneering work in this area of medicine. His private practice subsidised this work. He ran a number of private establishments in the Lucan area, and, from 1879, the Institution's functions were formally divided. Two bodies occupied the one site: the Stewart Institution for Imbecile Children, and the Asylum for Lunatic Patients of the Middle Classes. Mentally challenged children are still cared for at the Stewart Institution, and the Asylum, which occupied the main house, is now the Palmerstown House Private Hospital. The original Georgian house has been much added to as the hospital has grown, but it is interesting to note that the history of the locality has come full circle, in caring for the sick once again.



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