Violet Mary Coates

Violet Mary Coates
b. 1877 Bengal, India
m. 7 June 1911 in Cheltenham England to
Philip Gay Waterfield
b.1873 British Indian, Vani Sal


Phoebe Waterfield
b. 1912

Rosemary Waterfield
m. to
Fred Delaney
b. America














Odds and Ends

Wedding photos

Waterfield Census Records 1901

Thomas Gay Waterfield

Bishops Hull House, Taunton

Philip and Violet lived in Bucknell House west of Honiton, England most of their married lives. In later years they lived at Bishops Hull House, Taunton, England.

Phoebe built a house she called The Eagles Nest on the grounds of her parents house (Bishop Hull House), she was an actress and never married. She died comparatively young

Phillip and Violet were still both alive in 1950




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