Moll Census Records

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Moll 1901
Street Address Name Age Relation Marital Where born Employer / Worker Occupation
Woodville Road "Carnagh" Arnold Moll 38 Head M Germany German Subject Employer Shipping Merchant
Woodville Road "Carnagh" Williamina H Moll 30 Wife M India    
Woodville Road "Carnagh" Pauline Moll 10 Daughter S India    
Woodville Road "Carnagh" John A Moll 8 Son S India    
Woodville Road "Carnagh" William R Moll 7 Son S India    
Woodville Road "Carnagh" Anna Hessler 21 Servant S Germany German Subject   Governess
Woodville Road "Carnagh" Annie Hanker 28 Servant S Ches Sand Loch   Cook Domestic
Woodville Road "Carnagh" Eva Swinhill 24 Servant S Lincoln, Glenworth   Housemaid Domestic

Census Place    Administrative County: Chester, Civil Parish: Altrincham, Ecclesiastical Parish: Dunham Massey of St Margaret





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