Williamina and Pauline to and from USA

1929 Sailing From Honolulu April 24 1929 Williamina H Moll 58
Arriving at Port of April 30 1929 Pauline Margaret Moll 38
Last residence Sydney Australia    
Final Destination California then India    
Last in USA Never    
1934 Sailing from Hong Kong, China March 11th 1934 Williamina Moll / Coates 63
Arriving at San Francisco  April 2nd 1934    
Last residence Bengal India    
Final Destination Santa Barbara California    
Last in USA 1929    
1936 Sailing from Southampton January 15th 1936 Williamina Harper Moll 64
 Arriving   Pauline Margaret Harper Moll 45
Last residence California USA    
Final Destination      
Last in USA 1935    

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