Mrs McMath

Mrs McMath
b. approx 1832 d. 1916 Portaferry
Jane Coates Cousin
Mrs Savage
Barr Hall Portaferry

In family letters Mrs McMath is Jane Coates cousin. As yet have not fully worked out the connection. Below is the various snippets of information I have found

1916 Elizabeth Cole's letter written in Portaferry to Mac in Dunmurry

Your letter of 11th reached me about three days later. Almost a fortnight ago Mrs Savage of Barr Hall Portaferry wrote saying that if I wanted to see her mother alive I must come soon. I started the same day and Mrs McMath mother's last surviving cousin died next night. She was almost 85 and bed ridden for years with rheumatism so it was not to be desired that the pain would be prolonged.

Two days after her death a married daughter of Mrs Savage sent over (about four miles) for me Yest? Week, to see if I would nurse her little girl of over three, with whooping cough and threatened pneumonia, no other nurse could be got. Mrs Hastings herself has a baby of two months, and had a nasty cold, her husband and mother-in-law were both in bed with colds, so she was in a fix, happily all the grown ups are nearly well and the small patient is improving. She is ??? in bed for a week more or least. I have to leave today, am going back to Mrs Savage tonight and tomorrow go to Dunmurry.

1916 Elizabeth Cole's letter written in Portaferry to Blanche Cole in New Zealand

I am just a week back from Portaferry where I went to see the last of Mother's cousin, Mrs McMath, she died the following night after I got to her daughter's, Mrs Savage's home (Bar Hall). Three days after I got to Barr Hall, a married daughter Lizzie Hastings, said to see if I would go to her, (about three miles off) as her Mother-in-law was in bed, also her husband, her oldest child (not five) Meta had whooping cough & the second (about 3 ? ) was very ill, wh-cough and a touch of pneumonia, I stayed there nine days and had to hurry back as I got word to sail on 26th Feb & I had a lot of preparations to make.

The older folk were all right & the child Marion was a good deal improved.


Barr Hall 2005


September 24th at Fountainville Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Alexander Gallagher, Harry McDowell Savage, second son of William Savage, Bar Hall, Portaferry to Meta Isabel, youngest daughter of the late Hugh C. Hastings, Kearney House, Portaferry

Barr Hall Records Ulster Covenant 1912

15/2/1910 Archibald Wilson sells tenancy right in Bar Hall Farm, including stock, crops, implements, household contents to William Savage for ₤1,700. Rent ₤80 per anum at this date. Payment made to Archibald Wilson ₤924.13s. 7p after discharge of debt.Barr Hall was sold to William Savage




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