Portaferry 1861 Belfast Street Directory

Portaferry, is a thriving seaport and market town in County Down, twenty nine miles S.E. by S. from Belfast, situated on the Eastern shore of the strait to the sea that forms the entrance to Strangford Lough. From the strength of the current the name Strong-ford, and hence, by corruption, Strangford is derived. At Portaferry is a good quay, where vessels of light burthen can discharge their cargoes. There is a considerable trade in corn and agricultural produce, and that in coal and timber is of importance, and the merchants and ship owners of the port are respectable. The embroidering of muslin is the occupation of numerous females in the town and neighbourhood. The herring fishery is carried on in the months of June to September inclusive.

The town consists of a small square, three streets and a range of houses along the quay. The market house, situated in the square, is a commodious building, in the upper portion an apartment is appropriated to the use of the magistrates, who hold petty sessions there every third Thursday, The places of worship are - the Parish church of Ballyphilip, a neat structure, a handsome Presbyterian church, Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist chapels, and a Roman Catholic chapel. The charitable institutions consist of a dispensary and two public schools, one endowed, the other under the National Board. Andrew Nugent, Esq., the proprietor of Portaferry, has a fine mansion and demesne immediately contiguous to the town. The remains of the ancient castle, built by the family of the Savages, who assisted the renowned John De Courcy in the conquest of Ulster, in the twelfth century, are still to be seen in the neighbourhood, and near them the ruins of an old chapel, roofed with stone. The market is held on Saturday, and the fairs on the 31st July and 12th December, and the second Tuesday, monthly. The town contained in 1851, 2,074 inhabitants.

Basset, Edward
, sewing agent and grocer.
Coates, Henry, Harp Hotel.
Coates, James, agent for A. Nugent, Castleward, Strangford.
Coates, James, miller, Castleward Mills, Strangford.

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Anderson, Hessy, linen draper, haberdasher, milliner and dress maker.

Anderson, Mary, earthenware dealer and grocer.

Bailey, Samuel, earthenware dealer.

Bailie, Samuel, Commercial Hotel, ironmonger, flint and crown glass, manufacturer of ginger ale, lemonade &c.

Baird, Robert, carpenter.

Basset, Edward, sewing agent and grocer.

Baxter, Alexander, blacksmith.

Boyd, Samuel, clerk of petty sessions.

Brain, Sarah, straw bonnet maker.

Browne, Hugh, timber, slate, flag, coal and corn merchant, harbour master and ship owner.

Browne, S. R. & T., sewed muslin manufacturers, and Glasgow, Joshua McCausland, agent.

Bryce, Edward, grocer and publican.

Byrne, Eliza, grocer.

Caldwell, Thomas, painter and glazier.

Caughey, Jas., carpenter and grocer.

Caughey, John, miller, Ballyculter, Strangford.

Chermside, Edward, carpenter.

Clarke, Andrew, grocer.

Clarke, Jane, dress maker.

Coates, Henry, Harp Hotel.

Coates, James, agent for A. Nugent, Castleward, Strangford.

Coates, James, miller, Castleward Mills, Strangford.

Conway, George, ship owner.

Doonan, Hugh, timber, corn and coal merchant, publican, ship owner, linen draper and haberdasher.

Doonan, Wm., grocer and publican.

Douglas, Wm., master mariner.

Edmund, John, ship owner.

Geddes, James, sewed muslin agent for T. & R. Brown & Co., Bangor.

Gunning, Hester, grocer, publican, ironmonger & china & earthenware dealer.

Hawkins, Daniel, blacksmith.

Hogan, Ann, grocer.

Johnston, David, carpenter.

Johnston, Ellen, grocer.

Kerr, James, boot and shoe maker.

Lawson, John, linen draper, haberdasher, woollen draper and fire assurance agent.

Lennon, Bernard, boot and shoe maker.

Lennon, Robert, tailor.

Linney, Edward, publican and grocer.

Little, Eliza Ann, linen draper, haberdasher, milliner and dress maker.

Maffett, E., milliner and dress maker.

Magee, James, saddler and harness maker.

Maguire, James, earthenware dealer and grocer.

Maxwell, James, ship owner.

Moreland, Francis, grocer.

Moreland, James, baker.

Moreland, Jas., woollen draper and haberdasher.

Morrison, Jane, linen draper, haberdasher, milliner and dress maker.

Murray, James, publican and grocer.

Murray, James, ship owner.

McAnally, Charles, carpenter.

McCausland, John, grocer.

McCleery, William, miller and stamp distributor, and agent for Lloyd's.

McCracken, Fras., watch and clock maker.

McDonnell, James, grocer, tallow chandler and soap boiler.

McGifford, Isabella, milliner and dress maker.

McGrath, Edward, cabinet maker and upholsterer.

McGrath, Edward, jun., carpenter.

McGrath, Henry, carpenter.

McGrath, Mary, straw bonnet maker.

McKenney, Jane, grocer &c.

McKeown, Thomas, butcher.

McMullan, Hugh, tailor.

McMullan, Mary, grocer, linen draper, haberdasher and woollen draper.

Parkinson, John, painter and glazier.

Ringland, John, baker.

Robinson, Misses, day school.

Russell, William, jun., commission agent, Strangford.

Rutherford, John, boot and shoe maker.

Seeds, Rose, grocer.

Stitt, James and John, painters, glaziers and stucco plasterers.

Stoop, Eliza, hotel and posting establishment.

Turney, Hugh, grocer, publican, ironmonger, flint, crown glass merchant.

Wallace, Joseph, sewed muslin manufacturer.

Wilson, Jane, grocer.

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