David Graeme Cole

David Graeme Cole
b. 19/01/1864 d. 1941
m. Auckland 1890 to
Minnie A Whyte 


  James McMurray Cole
b. 8/7/1891 d. 18/12/1946
Mary Boyd Cole
b. 1893 d. 11/12/1908
David Coates Cole
b. 1896 d. France 4/10/1917
Alexander (Alex) Cole
b. 1898 d. Auckland 9/8/1982
m. 23/3/1930 to
Jessie Warnock

David Graeme Cole came to Auckland on Hermione August 19 1881 He moved from Mangapai, Northland New Zealand in 1903 to "Clontivern" Onehunga, Auckland New Zealand. David Graeme Cole was crippled

A most enthusiastic gathering was held in the Public Hall on June 18th, to bid farewell to Mr and Mrs D. G. Cole, who are leaving the district. The hall was beautifully decorated. The evening was happily spent in dancing, singing, etc., some of the songs being specially suitable for the occasion. Several old friends gave expression to the high esteem in which Mr and Mrs Cole were held, and wished Mr and Mrs Cole and family every success and happiness In their new home. Special mention was here made to the very able manner in which Mr Cole had conducted the secretaryship and treasuryship of the hall for a long term. Mr Cole in a happy speech suitably replied. The singing of "Auld Lang Syne" brought a most hearty gathering to a close.

Auckland Star, Volume XXXIV, Issue 148, 23 June 1903



A resident of Onehunga for the past 38 years, Mr. David Graeme Cole died at his home in Trafalgar Street, at the age of 77. Mr. Cole was born at Clones. Ulster, and came to New Zealand at the age of 17 in the ship Hermione. For 20 years he was in business at Mangapai and took a leading part in establishing the first co-operative creamery in Northland. Retiring in 1903 he settled at Onehunga where he took an active part in church and social service organisations, being for many years up to the time of his death senior elder of the Onehunga Presbyterian Church. He married in 1890. Mrs. Cole died 12 years ago. He is survived by two sons and a daughter. A third son was killed in the Great War.
Auckland Star, Volume LXXII, Issue 250, 22 October 1941












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