Presbyterian Soiree Mangapai 1871

New Zealand Herald, Volume VIII, Issue 2230, 20 March 1871


On Friday, the 3rd of March, the annual soiree in connection with the Presbyterian Church at Mangapai, was held in the above place of worship. The attendance was not so good as on previous occasions. The trays were provided by Mrs. Cole, Mrs. Bullion, Mrs. Harrison, and Mrs. McAllister. After ample justice had been done to the good things provided, a public meeting was held, at which the Rev. J. Wallace presided. The Misses Hewlett, as on previous occasion, again enlivened the meeting by their talented performances on the harmonium, and by vocal melody, and which is always a treat to listen to. The chairman after noticing the care and labour in preparing the Church and the tea, dwelt at some length on “Education for the Young,” and urged the necessity of perseverance and energy in those more advanced in life. He also cautioned those who contemplated leaving New Zealand for California and other places, to consider well before breaking up their homes here. J. Miller, of Maungakaramea, amongst other things, gave some strong remarks on the Justices of the Peace in this district. - Mr. H. G. James spoke at length on the great want of education in the district, both in Mangapai, Ruarangi, and Maungakaramea, showing that they had been treated by the Government with marked neglect. - Joseph Bell, Esq., J.P., gave a reading on “Courtship,” which was very amusing to the young people present. - Wm. Ormiston, Esq., J.P., also spoke on education, and read a long list of statistics in reference to the history and settlement of New Zealand. - Mr. D. Miller alluded especially to taking care in the selection of a wife, quoting largely from Dr. Franklin; and, it appears, that he practises what, he preaches, as he remains a bachelor still. Mr. D. Wilson sang an amusing song. - After the usual vote of thanks to the Chairman, to the Misses Hewlett, and to the ladies who provided the trays, the National Anthem was sung, and the meeting closed. - [Correspondent.]


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