John Martin Coates Cole I

John Martin Coates Cole I
b. 1858 d. 20 Nov 1915
m. in Belfast St Anne's Church 13/05/1884 to
Prudence Henrietta Thompson (Daisy) Greer b. 1862
d. around WW2 1940's Channel Islands


John Martin Coates Cole II
b. Dec 1886 Peel, Isle of Man
d. 1964 New York, USA
m. 1920 to
Cora K Gaerste
b. 1878 Texas U.S.A

John was with the NY Port Authority

Helen Marguerite Cole
b. 4 Feb 1888
d. 1953 Gorey Jersey
 b. 1871 Kensington England d. 1941 around WW2 Channel Islands Jersey

Crawford was an artist and exhibited in the Royal Academy
Dorothy Ross Cole
b. Peel, Isle of Man 1892 (or 30 Jul 1889)
Sadlier after 1916

Julia Penso Cole
b. 1891 or 1895
George Brooke

John Martin Coates Cole









Ships Manifests
Isle of Man 1886 to 1898
Jersey Channel Island
Birth and Death Records
1898 Elizabeth Cole's letter describes the family
Venezuela South America
1955 Robert Bell Cole's letter talks of Daisy's death and son's New York address
John and Daisy's Marriage Certificate Details

Dr. John Martin Cole, born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1858. He married Daisy Greer, went to Jersey in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, New York, and then eventually to Maracaibo, Venezuela where he acted as a Lloyds Agent and held the position of British Vice-Consul. He also owned his own small private residential hospital that took in patients from all the various sugar and petroleum companies and was Head Surgeon at the Hospital of the Poor. He must have been pretty well off. I have a letter dated 3 December 1915, written by his daughter Dorothy to my grandparents in New Zealand telling them of his death on 20 November. She was looking after her father, her mother had returned to the Channel Islands. He was buried in the "Strangers Cemetery" in Maracaibo. John Cole was an outstanding athlete. Dorothy writes that she had sent for her brother Martin to come over from New York to help dispose of the estate. He was with the Cunard Line there. Dorothy married somebody by the name of Sadlier, at a later date, after she returned to her mother and sisters in the Channel Islands in 1916.




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