James McMurray

James McMurray
b. 1770? d.30/3/1843
m. to
Ann Bain Newell
b. 1780 d. 18/12/1849
  Daughter McMurray
Thomas Newell I
George McMurray
b. 1799? d. 1877
John McMurray
b. 1801 d. infant
Sally McMurray
b. 1803
m. to
John Bassett
Aron McMurray
b. 1805
m. to
Ann McMurray
b. 1809
m. to
Henry Coates
d. Clontivern 1877
Martin McMurray
b.1822 d.23/12/1847
Elizabeth McMurray
b.1827 d.18/12/1849
m. to
John Ritchie I
b. 12/2/1788 d. 23/2/1871
Robb McMurray
b. 1829

to USA


James McMurray lived at Terminane

James McMurray on Freeholders Records 1814

Note: It may be a coincidence but Jane Coates cousins daughter (? McMath) married a Savage, Edward Savage also had land in Terminane

From Thomas Ritchie's Memoirs Two

Copland told me there was a great Enmity between my Grandfather and Dr. McMurray after buying Terminnen Farm which joined onto their two farms. There stood a house on the Boundaries, one half of the house on Dr. McMurry's farm and the other half on my Grandfather and Father's farm but Dr. McMurry had a bad family of grown up young men who used to maim and injured our cattle. Dr. McMurry would not turn them out of the house. There came a Law Suit between them costing a lot of money. Dr. McMurray lost his case or Suit.

 Copland said "the day after the suit your Father took me with all the men, we went to the house with crowbars and we levelled one half of the aforesaid House, level with the ground, of course we had to be very careful not to injure the other half and all them that were living in it, had to clear out". I often saw the ruins of Said house and if with Copland or Tom Taylor who were there would relate all about that great day they had, so Dr. McMurry was an enemy of ours afterwards. It was after his death my Father married my Mother, they said Mrs. Roney didn't like it. Copland always spoke in the very highest about my Grandfather, such a good old man and he often said to them "never make an enemy of a bad man".










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