Ritchie Family Tree

Ritchie Memoirs




Great Grandchildren

Great Great Grandchildren

Thomas Ritchie I

John Ritchie I

Thomas Ritchie II 1843-1930

Victoria (Ngarangi) Grinnell 1866


Rose Hutton -1843

Elizabeth McMurray 1827-

Mary Dobbs 1857

Mabel Gertrude Carson 1869



See McMurray Tree


Wikitoria Hough 1880





Ephia Jack Coffee Hough 1882





Francis Mary Ritchie 1892





John Ritchie II 1897 



Eliza Johnston Ritchie 1896


Dorothy Hutton Ritchie 1898


Rose Hinemoa Ritchie 1903




Robert Hutton Ritchie 1844 - 1919

Ellen Bridget Boon 1869




Francis (Fanny) Hunt

3 Hunt children









James Hutton Ritchie I 1847-

James Hutton Ritchie II 1881




Anne (Minnie) Ritchie Pretty 1856-

Dorothy Ritchie 1886









Sarah Ann Ritchie 1849 -










Martin Coates Ritchie 1851-










Rosina Hutton Ritchie 1854-1937










Maggie Ritchie 1854-1935





Robert Shand 1851










William Henry Ritchie 1857-1859









James Ritchie II 1794-1867

James Hutton Ritchie II 1832-1854




Anna 1811 - 1837

Engaged to Agnes Ritchie 2nd cousin when he died




Margaret Spratt 1790-1873 (2nd wife no children)






Sarah Ritchie 1831-1900

Sarah Pretty




Edward James Pretty 1813-1886 (Widower Adult Children)

Francis Marcus Ward







Anne (Minnie) Ritchie Pretty 1856-



James Hutton Ritchie I 1847- (see above)


Thomas Ritchie III 1836-1907

 7 daughters


Eleanor Carson


Sarah Ritchie

 John Rooney



James Rooney






Daughter Rooney




Daughter Rooney


James Ritchie I





Mrs Ritchie - 1836









William Barry (Billy) Ritchie d. 1887

William Barry Ritchie




Jane Ritchie d. 1893

Malcolm Ritchie 1815 -1869



Thomas Hay Ritchie




Francis Ritchie1784-1864

John Ritchie 1818 -1850



Agnes Barry


Agnes Ritchie


3 other sons 


Engaged to James Ritchie III 2nd cousin when he died








Robert Hutton

James Hutton









James Hutton










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