Thomas Ritchie Photograph Album
Part Two Chatham Islands



Mr and Mrs A W Shand 1870 A Martin
Same photographer who did the Chathams Album
R M Adair
Betsy Gilchrist 1870
At present Mrs Adair
Thomas Ritchie
My old horse Samson Christchurch 1870
Hood and Tomas Ritchie
Thomas Ritchie Thomas Ritchie 1866 Thomas Ritchie 1870
Echo the dog Hapuarona and Tom the cat
Hapuarona was Thomas Ritchie's head shepherd despite being crippled
Numy Nummi
Mrs Hough
probably Irihapeti Parekaiuru Kaawhe (Betty Hough)
Mr Hough
Note Labeled by Ritchie - William Hough was English perhaps this is her later husband Emmanuel Dix ?
Maggie Ritchie Alfred Adair Alfred Adair
Horomona Thomas and Robert Ritchie Horomona
note: feathers in hair
Puti Rohana Mrs Heta Tom Horomona Puti. Island Lily
Mrs Apatia   Ephia Coffee
(brother of Irihapeti Parekaiuru Kaawhe)
Timmie Horomona Mother Horomona and Wife Daughter Tom McCluskey
Wharepa Mary Dobbs
later Thomas Ritchie's Wife
Chatham Island Cup
won 1882 - 3 - 4 by Thomas Ritchie











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