Thomas Ritchie Photograph Album
Part One Ireland



Album Cover Ritchie Coat of Arms John Ritchie 1863
Mrs John Ritchie 1863
nee Elizabeth McMurray
Thomas Ritchie 1863 Robert Hutton Ritchie 1863
James Hutton Ritchie 1863 Maggie and Rosina Ritchie James Hutton Ritche
Sarah Ann Ritchie Martin Ritchie James Hutton Ritchie
Maggie Ritchie James Hutton Ritchie
Indian Civil Service
Rosina Ritchie
James Hutton Ritchie Sarah Ann Ritchie 1864 Robert Hutton Ritchie
Martin Ritchie 1864
note: not definite
Margaret Ann Coates S Cole
David Cole Miss Carson Belfast
afterwards Mrs Thomas Ritchie Senior
John McGlinn
Mrs McGlinn Miss Robertson 1870 D Morrow
Miss Annie Robertson 1864 Mr and Mrs D Morrow  











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