Thomas Ritchie II Leaving the Chathams

Thursday February 4th 1923
Tonight John came to me and told me he wanted to sell out here and get a place in NZ. I told him to do so - I am quite ?

Friday 2nd March 1923
Signed sale of Okiki

10th March 1923
John sailed SS Flora

3rd May 1923 John returned

Friday 4th May 1923
Oh today a day never to be forgotton Packing up to get away - Rain all day Creeks flooded Steamer leaving at 2pm - if she left we could not have gone by her. However H Lanauz lent a dray cart to us and we all got on board.
Mother Rose and I - everything piled up

Tuesday 8th May 1923

1thh May 1923
John left

Saturday 19th May
Train at Wellington arrived at Te Kuiti 2 am
Bob Cole took us to Grand Hotel
[Cousin Robert Bell Cole]

Arrived at Aria 20th May 1923

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